3 Little-Known Pros of Vehicle Wraps

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Getting a company’s name out there can be extremely difficult — particularly for smaller companies. There are dozens of options available, but which is the best? Is there a “best”? There are business cards (over 27 million of which are printed daily), television advertising, newspaper ads, radio ads, and outdoor signs (which cost 80% less than television ads, 60% less than newspaper ads, and 50% less than radio ads). Then there’s vehicle wraps — literally, a vehicle is wrapped in various graphics, such as a company’s logo or website. There are many benefits to vehicle wrapping.

  • It is incredibly unique. People are used to advertisements on television and radio in the form of commercials. People are used to passing large format printing ads, like billboards, on the highway. Vehicle wraps, however, still have the ability to amaze and surprise people. An astounding 48% — almost a full half — of polled people viewed vehicle wraps as the most unique form of advertising that’s available today.
  • It is very cost effective. Car wraps are extremely cheap compared to most other forms of advertising. TV spots and mail advertisements can be costly, and both are very short-term. Most people have to see a commercial several times for it to stick, and most people throw mail ads in the garbage (calling them “junk mail”). It is very difficult for people to tune out or ignore vehicle wraps, and the wraps can last as long as 6 years, sometimes more.
  • They are very customizable. Vehicle wraps can be as spectacular and sensational or as subtle and understated as you desire. You can trick out your ride with a full scene, like flowers on a grassy landscape with a beautiful sun, or you can simply put your company’s name and website along the doors. The possibilities are, almost literally, endless.

In certain cases, television advertisements or mail ads may be better than vehicle wraps, but there are not many. Car wraps, as mentioned earlier, are unique, cost effective, and customizable. Depending on your area, you can produce hundreds, or even thousands, of impressions per day with a single vehicle wrap. There may not be a definitive best form of advertising, but car wraps are certainly among the top.

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