All It Takes Is One Flood Staying Prepared With The Aid Of Industrial Water Pumps

A single flood can destroy years of hard work. Is it any wonder why people spend so much time and effort on preventative measures?

The hydraulic water pump is one of your best barriers in-between your business and a costly disaster. Designed to be used quickly and efficiently, you can rely on industrial pump rentals to stave off the result of a storm or supplement a new project. They come in portable options, various sizes, and even different pumping techniques so you’re never left wondering what you could’ve done better. Learning how to use these properly takes practice, but that’s nothing a little preparation can’t solve. Before you invest in a pump rental, take a glance below.

Learn the difference between industrial water pumps so you never have to worry about cleaning up a flood again.

Floods Are A Major Problem For Residential And Commercial Properties

Everyone has to worry about floods in one form or another. You have homeowners who lose thousands of dollars worth of furniture because of a poorly maintained basement. You have businesses who have an overnight leak that causes a serious health hazard the following day. Recent statistics from the United States Army Corps of Engineers determined hundreds of millions of individuals could experience flooding within a generation. The water pump is a versatile tool that can easily match your needs, with a unique design for each unique flood source.

Recent Floods Have Caused New Government Standards To Be Implemented

Did you know that, since 2010, floods have cost the United States a collective $40 billion? That alone is good enough reason to start considering the benefits of electric submersible water pumps. You need to take into account local regulation, though, so you’re not inadvertently causing a brand new problem. The federal government rates the sound of your typical industrial pump from 50 feet away at around 75 decibels. A normal speaking voice, by comparison, is between 50 and 60 decibels.

Just One Flood Can Cost You Thousands Of Dollars In Damages

Flow pumps can be the only thing standing between you and a heavy flood. You have thousands, perhaps millions, of dollars in equipment to keep out of harm’s way. This is on top of the additional damage that can be caused from flooding, including mold build-up and rot. The two most commonly used types of pumps for industrial purposes are centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps. Electric submersible water pumps can be used even when the environment seems too hazardous.

Mold Is A Toxic Element That Should Be Removed Immediately

At the first sign of mold it’s imperative you take action. All types of mold are hazardous to human health and can cause serious short-term and long-term health effects. Short-term health effects include coughing, sneezing, congestion, runny nose, and itchy eyes. Long-term health effects include several forms of cancer, making this one of the most common and deadly elements of a flood. Industrial water pumps should always be on standby, even when you’re sure you’re good to go.

Electric Submersible Water Pumps Are A Vital Resource

Knowing which type of pump suits you best depends on a few different factors. The axial flow pump comes with a propeller attached to a motor, a more hands-off approach that gives you a very high flow rate. Your electric submersible water pumps are best used with water that could be contaminated with harmful materials. Diaphragm pumps, just like their name implies, rely on a mixture of pressure and placement to push water elsewhere. Ask your local water pump manufacturers about the one that suits your business best.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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