An X-Ray Inspection Can Keep Your Business Going

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You spent a lot of money purchasing the machinery that is used to keep your business up and running, therefore, you should ensure that it remains working well. This is done the same way that your doctor keeps you up and running, through an x-ray inspection.
When your doctor needs to see inside your body, he or she may ask you to get either a computerized tomography scan (CT) or a computerized axial tomography (CAT) scan done. Regardless of which test is ordered, the doctor is able to see your organs and bones by using a computer that converts data from different x-rays and turns them into two and three-dimensional pictures on the screen. While this type of imaging has only been around since 1974, it has grown in popularity so fast that there are over 6,000 CT scanners in the US and over 30,000 all over the world.
The first clinical CT scanners were designed in 1974 to capture images of the patient’s head. That was so successful, that in less than four years, by 1980, the opening in the machine had to be made bigger so that a person?s entire body could be examined. Today, computed tomography scans are used for much more than healing the human body. There are companies that can do x-ray inspections of your machinery and keep it up and running using CT scanning services.
Industrial CT scanning has gone from taking hours for the images to generate, to taking seconds. In addition, even though the machine was initially created for a person, when used for industrial inspection service, the sizes of the parts being imaged do not matter. They can be anywhere from .55mm to 660mm in diameter with a 1m length and still go through the digital x-ray and be inspected. Furthermore, this leads to additional possibilities when it comes to industrial ct scanning and industrial ct scanning services. These opportunities include 3d reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, and 3d metrology, just to name a few.
Industrial ct scanning inspection services allows the inspector to do an assembly analysis and determine exactly where the problem is occurring. This, in turn, makes repairs easier and quicker which allows the company and its employees to get back to work faster. Another reason why companies should have their machinery go through industrial ct scanning services is because by doing so, they will spot potential issues before they become problems, thereby eliminating costly unworkable hours when the machine inevitably breaks down.
When done by the right company, industrial ct scanning can be done on a large scale basis, with many machines and parts being scanned quickly. Therefore, the technicians should be trained well trained and should be able to use the ct scan in order to provide both 3d scanning services and x-ray inspection services, as well as others on any type of machinery or part.

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