Android Device Management

Android in the enterprise

In order to ensure that all corporate information is kept secure and save, a corporation must utilize some form of mobile device management. Even corporations that operate on a BYOD model must use MDM in order to be secure. Android device management is essential for securing hundreds of mobile devices that operate on the Android operating system. It’s estimated that by 2015 more than half of mobile devices used in the business world will be employee owned because the growing popularity of BYOD policies. Android device management software is needed to make sure that all employee devices meet the standards set by a corporation.

A lot of businesses experience security breaches because of an insecure BYOD policy. Android management is achieved from a remote location without requiring devices to be turned into the IT department. Around 10 percent of all internet traffic is done on mobile devices. Android in the enterprise arena is becoming more popular because of the convenience that these devices and certain applications provide. Information on how to develop a sound Android security model can be done through researching online. Around 81 percent of people working in the U.S. use their own mobile device for business purposes, and it’s important to have an Android device management system to maintain the security of a business’s network.

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