Attract New Customers Via Facebook Marketing

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We live in a competitive world, and for new and existing businesses this means they have to be constantly ready to evolve to meet ever-changing customer needs. One way they can accomplish this is by utilizing Facebook marketing and other social media tools. With the rise of technology, more and more consumers are spending a great deal of time on smart devices, including phones, tablets, and laptops, and are often busying themselves on social media platforms like Facebook, or using search engines like Google. So why not utilize the web and social media tools as a way to reach customers?

Thanks to tools like Google Analytics and Google AdWords, companies can devise social media strategies to reach existing and potential customers via search engines. By plugging SEO terms into things like blog posts and web pages, businesses can ensure their names pop up at the top of search engine searches, effectively drawing traffic to their company pages. When you consider the fact that more than 100 billion searches go through Google each month, this could translate to a very rewarding, useful tool. Don’t believe us? Well, studies have discovered that local searches result in an estimated 50% of mobile users visiting online or brick and mortar stores in a day or so.

Another great tool we touched on is Facebook marketing and other social media tools. Many companies utilize these tools by investing in blog content creation. Why? Well, many marketers claim blog content creation is so valuable that it has become an inbound marketing priority for about 53% of marketers. Additionally, companies that regularly publish blogs each month tend to see 3.5 times more traffic than companies that rarely post blogs. And companies aren’t just posting blogs on their websites, many are posting on company Facebook and Instagram pages to reach the maximum amount of people. With an estimated 72% of adults active on Facebook, it would be silly not to utilize the social media platform as an avenue to reach customers.

To be successful in these new forms of marketing, companies should consider investing in social media management professionals, including website designers, SEO marketing experts, and digital advertising experts. With the right planning, any company can benefit from modern marketing initiatives.

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