Boost Your Marketing Efforts By Choosing The Right Print Company

Banner printing nyc

Today’s commercial printing companies are good for more than just traditional printing. They now offer an array of customizable options suit all of your printing needs, whether it’s for business cards, direct mail, or signage. If you choose the right print company, you can expect some of the following services:

Digital printing

Digital printing tends to be quicker, more accurate and cheaper for the customer in comparison to offset printing. It also allows the print company to use variable data printing for personalized mailings and letters, perfect for businesses trying to up their direct marketing efforts.

Large format printing (also known as wide format)

With outdoor advertising such as banners and signs costing 80% less than television advertising and 60% less than newspaper ads, it’s no surprise that printing companies are beginning to provide this service. With large format printing, a print company can easily produce banners, posters or trade show graphics in eye-catching sizes. An added bonus is the ability to print car wraps and building wraps, a growing trend among marketers. In fact, a recent poll revealed 48% of people believe wraps are the most unique form of advertising.

Rush printing

Do you tend to think of your best marketing or advertising ideas the night before a big event? That’s not a problem when your print company offers rush printing. Typically, a print company can promise a 24 hour turnaround or same day printing! And with online ordering now available, the process is even faster and more convenient.

Many people think the age of print advertising, specifically through mailings, has passed but the 73% of Americans who prefer direct mail communications and the $44.5 billion spent on direct mail marketing in 2014 says otherwise. With so many new, innovative solutions being offered, make sure you choose the right print company for your business’s needs.

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