Common Types of Managed Services and Their Purpose

Managed services model

Running a business of any size can be quite daunting when there?s so many tasks to be done and you may not have the right people or the ability to do it.. Things constantly need updating and and reviewing. In many cases companies don?t have the ability or know how to keep up with the constant updates while managing their own business themselves. Outsourcing these responsibilities to a trusted managed services provider has become a norm in modern business. A 2015 survey reported that 66% of businesses surveyed used an outside IT firm in the previous year. It?s now very common for companies to outsource more than just information technology in order to get some work one and not be bothered by things they aren’t trained to handle. So what are the types of managed services out there and how are they used? What sort of managed services model is right for you? These are some of the most common types of managed services that are outsourced.

Managed Security.This kind of managed services provides security for your business or organization from a remote location. You can perform application maintenance to xi malware, viruses, and other forms of cyber attacks on your system. Using a managed security provider will give you the opportunity to worry less about your systems security while any problems that occur can be fixed without you even notice there was an issue at all.

Network and Infrastructure Managed Services.This will help you manage all of your data enters as well as eliminating any costs involved with owning and operating a data center since it is being done remotely.These types of managed services usually comes with managed hosting, managed storage backup, LANs and WANs.

Managed services in Data Analytics.This may be one of the most unwanted tasks that every information technology profession doesn’t want to deal with due to its time consuming nature. Almost every business needs to some form of data crunching to understand the tastes and preferences changes of their customers. Capturing and organizing all of that data can be extremely time consuming work. The type of work that your in house employees try their hardest to avoid. There?s absolutely no reason to not outsource this to a managed services provider who?s experienced in data capturing and analysis. It will not only help you save time but also help with the costs of having your employees spend too much time on something that is not part of their job description.

Managed Service Providers in Communications.Whether it’s an outsourced call center or customer service responsibilities, having a managed service handle all of your business to business or business to customer communications is a huge weight of your shoulders. All you have to do is wait for the information and pass along the details without having to worry of about where it coming from or who it’s coming from.

Managed Services in Cloud Computing and Infrastructure.Cloud computing has grown in popularity among small to big size companies over the years. However managing your cloud infrastructure can be a daunting task for your already busy information technology team. Let?s say you own a business in Los Angeles that requires cloud computing. Outsourcing allows for a managed it services nyc to help alleviate the stress of maintaining your cloud infrastructure problems remotely, wherever your company’s physical location might be. This all includes managing your company?s computing, storage, network and operating systems, your e-commerce platforms if there is any, and your application database.

One of the major managed services benefits deals with time management. Allowing yourself the time to take of the things you can handle yourself will cost you much less in the long run. Look through the many more types of managed services to find our which is right for you.

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