Create High Visibility and Optimum Airflow Using Architectural Mesh

There are a variety of materials that architects and designers choose for residential and commercial projects. Architectural mesh is a popular material because it can create transparency and optimize airflow. This type of metal fabric can also be used for decorative and other architectural purposes. Furthermore, metal cables and fabric are an environmentally-friendly choice because they can be recycled at the end of their lifespan.

The Benefits of Using Metal Fabrics

Etched metal fabrics are available in various widths, with the maximum being 26 feet. There are different types of weaves, and the level of visibility and airflow will depend on a particular weave. High visibility and optimum airflow, however, can be provided when an area is 50% open.

Another benefit to using metal cables and fabrics is that they are usually comprised of a combination of recycled and new materials. This will typically break down to being composed of 60% recycled materials and 40% new materials. It’s important to note that 100% of the unused or scrap materials are recycled during and following the manufacturing process. At the end of their lifecycle, metal cables and fabrics are both 100% recyclable. Given this, these materials are considered to be an environmentally-sound choice.

How Architectural Mesh Is Used

There are different types of architectural mesh. Welded wire mesh is just one of the common types of architectural mesh being used for a variety of purposes. Decorative steel mesh, for example, can be used to enhance a building’s appearance. Architects and designers may use wire mesh to create partitions as well as metal mesh walls. There are, of course, other uses, such as for elevator cab interiors and parking parking fa├žades.

Learn More About Architectural Mesh

Whether you’ve used this material in the past, or are considering it for a current or future project, you may want to learn more about the different varieties available. Once you contact a representative, you can discuss your project design and specifications in detail. At that time, you will also be able to discuss the benefits of using this versatile material for your ongoing projects.

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