Custom Website Designers Determine Your Company’s First Impression

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We live in a digital world. Companies need to prepare a visual image that connects and communicates with current and prospective customers. Working with custom website designers is a strong start to creating a visual image that will be remembered by your customer base. If your company is not working on branding and other techniques to connect with your customers, you are losing out.
Studies show that 91% of American adults use at least one social media website on a regular basis. What is your company doing to connect with this social media audience? Custom website designers are current on the latest visual marketing techniques that will attract and keep your online customers. Here are some examples:

  • Web site designs must load quickly. Some web designers consider this the number one tip. If your website looks fantastic, but no one has the patience to wait for slow loading graphics, what have you gained.
  • Clear navigation is essential. Most importantly, essential information must be accessible from all parts of the site. For example, a clear link to the first page of your website needs to be visible on every page.
  • Graphics must look great at all resolutions. Today, there are screens with all kinds of resolution. A strong web designer will design for all of them. This is often easier to do if you work in terms of percentage, not pixels.
  • Browser compatibility matters. Don’t stop designing or testing your website just because it looks good on one on one platform.
  • Fonts should be both professional and readable. A well chosen font can make users feel that the site is reliable.
  • White space provides visual landing spots. Avoid the temptation to clutter your page with too many images, backgrounds and colorful fonts. White space creates a sense of neatness to a site.
  • Constantly check for broken links. Even when your website design is complete, it is not done. Frequent spot checks will allow you to see that all links listed on your website are working.

Digital marketing experts and web application development services predict that by the year 2016 more than half of all the dollars spent on retail purchases will be influenced by web content. The best custom website designers will realize this and make sure that their design brands your product, and leads customers to your site. More than any time in the past, a potential client’s first impression of any business occurs when that user views your website. Are you making the right first impression? If not, it is time for you to contact a web application development company known for its e-commerce website designers.

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