Four Benefits Of Portable Isolation Transformers

For folks in engineering, health care and many other industries, tools like a portable isolation transformer in order to maintain equipment seperation from a master power source. What this does it allows the equipment workers need on the job to be powered and protected at the same time.

With an effective design, a portable isolation transformer is essential when it comes to being able to get the job done. It offers many benefits including:

  • Surge reduction: There were more than 6,000 United States hospitals as of 2017. That’s a lot of equipment that needs to be powered and protected. As many healthcare professionals know, one of the worst that can happen in a hospital is a power surge. It can happen without warning, they can damage equipment and they can leave professionals without essential pieces of equipment they need to help patients.
    Fortunately, a portable isolation transformer can help reduce surges. With a portable transformer, equipment can run smoothly because DC power signals coming from a power source are isolated, allowing equipment to continue performing at a high level, even if the power were to go out.
  • Quality: Another benefit of a portable isolation transformer is that it delivers better power quality. A portable transformer greatly reduces the potential for current leakage, which keeps important equipment working at its highest levels.
  • Less Noise: One thing that folks working in healthcare like about portable isolation transformers, aside from their efficiency, is their capability to reduce noise. Many of them are designed to filter out noise away from power lines. Faraday shields help block electrical fields from interrupting the flow of power into equipment, which means there’s less electromagnetic noise to worry about.
  • Safety: One of the biggest advantages a portable isolation transformer can offer is much improved safety. For hospital workers and doctors who deal with expensive, life-saving equipment every day, they need to be assured that all the tools of their trade are functioning as they should. That means no surges and no damage. An isolation transformer keeps equipment functioning properly and helps protect healthcare workers from electrical shock too.

With custom made Toroidal transformers, whether you need a portable transformer, a marine isolation transformer or a medical isolation transformer, healthcare workers can rest easy knowing they are safe. A Toroidal isolation transformer offers better power quality, safety for workers and medical equipment, noise reduction and a significant reduction in power surges.

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