Get Better Protection Through Intrusion Detection Systems

Network intrusion detection software

If you want to get the right network security platform in place, then you may need an intrusion detection system that can meet your needs. Servers and networks are vulnerable to software such as “spyware,” which is a type of malware or malicious software program that collects information on users without them being aware of it. Spyware and other types of malware are threats that next gen network security needs to be able to handle at any given time. An intrusion detection system can alert administrators to threats like the 2011 case of an international hacker who gained access to the 3.6 million tax returns being stored by the South Carolina Department of Revenue.

Intrusion detection systems can increase the awareness that IT administrators will have regarding exterior attempts at intrusion. The price of a firewall software can be anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, but even the most expensive enterprise firewall may not be enough without an added layer of protection that next generation networks need most. Firewalls are necessary for any business that is connected to the internet, but a more comprehensive solution addresses both protection and awareness of any attempts to gain access to important files and information. An intrusion prevention system may be able to provide both. In 2008, a dissatisfied administrator locked access to critical networks in the city by resetting passwords and then refusing to give them to area officials. Protect yourself from these and other attacks with a proper network security solution.
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