Get Smart With Mobile Device Management Applications

Enterprise mobility

About 65 million people living in the United States own a smartphone, and more than 230 million use a mobile device of some kind. If even one of those people works for you, you must invest in mobile device management, or MDM, solutions so whatever is on that device that is related to your enterprise will be kept safe at all times. With about 74 percent of companies allowing some form of bring your own device, or BYOD, for employees, the timing could not be more perfect to invest in such a program or piece of software.

BlackBerry devices have multiple encryption systems that are very strong, but not all other smartphones like iPhones do, which is why iphone management systems in the form of mobile device management are a requirement. With so many iPhone users today, iPhone security is vital. It protects information so whenever employees are using their phones either inside or outside the office, whatever is on those phones will be accessible only to those who are authorized to access it. has estimated that projects surrounding mobile applications will surpass projects dedicated to computer users by 4 to 1 in the next three years. Because of this, mobile device management solutions like patch management have to be considered for businesses of all sizes. With patch management software, the information on every employee’s mobile device will be kept safe literally and figuratively under lock and key. Invest in some software now so your enterprise’s data is safe.

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