Hiring Digital Design Agencies for Company Websites

Today, in the 21st century, a proper business will use all available means of communication with its clients, customers, and consumers at large. This may involve a combination of old methods, such as paper brochures, flyers, and posters all the way to digital media such as a company website, a social media account, and more. Together, old-fashioned and new means of communication may expand a business’s markets and brand awareness, and a lot of money is spent by businesses every year to research and develop new marketing plans. Most often, this labor is outsourced to specialists, and a digital marketing company may do a lot of good for its client. The same is true of an app design company, an SEO company, and others. Their work can boost organic traffic to a website or a social media account. What does it mean to have “organic traffic”, and what might digital marketing services do to get it?

Search Engines and Organic Traffic

A client business will hire a digital marketing firm for its online advertising and communication, and this includes boosting organic traffic. After all, even an attractive and useful website won’t do much good if no one even sees it. Organic traffic is when a human being is visiting a website deliberately, and such traffic is key for any business’s online marketing. How is this done? The Internet is a famously large place with a staggering variety of content, so users will visit search engines to quickly narrow down the field to something of interest to them. A number of popular search engines are in use today, and a user will type in keywords relevant to their interest. Once the query is entered, relevant websites will appear on a list. Technically, millions of results may appear, but a consumer is likely to only view the first 10 or 20 or so.

If a company’s website appears within the first page or two of search engine results, this may result in a lot of organic traffic, and that is very much to be desired. One means of getting such traffic is SEO, or “search engine optimization.” SEO is outsourced labor performed online, with in-house and independent contractors working for an SEO firm. These workers will create keyword-dense articles on particular topics that client websites may use, and these keyword-dense articles make the host website appear more easily in search engines. On top of that, if a website has many hyperlinks from reputable websites leading to it, then this also acts as SEO. A search engine will take it as a good sign that a website has many trustworthy hyperlinks leading to it, boosting its presence in results pages. Finally, it may be noted that a neglected website will soon be out of date, and with the Internet’s standards, that might not take long. Abandoned or neglected websites may appear much later in search engine results, even if they contain relevant keywords. Websites with fresh, new content are more likely to be found, so competitive companies will keep their websites updated regularly.

Website and Social Media Design

SEO work boosts organic traffic, and once a consumer visits a website, they will expect good service. Thus, a client company may hire expert website designers to create a website for them that is intuitive and easy to navigate, attractive and thematic to look at, and contains useful and relevant videos, articles, and images. What is more, that website must be capable of uploading its content with ease. If a guest sees that the videos or articles take a long time to load, that user may grow impatient and simply leave. A wait time as short as 10 seconds may prompt a guest to leave, so website designers must ensure that their websites operate smoothly.

That, and a company may also hire outside labor to create and maintain their social media presence. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter aren’t just for fun; they’re a powerful marketing tool that many companies are now using. Company profiles may easily post new content at any time of day, and even post polls and answer customer questions. Many consumers report being impressed and happy when companies promptly answer their questions on social media.

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