How Companies Can Expand Their Horizons With This One Simple Upgrade

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Video conferencing has coming a long way in the past few decades. Even just in the past few years. There was a time when audio conferencing was the only thing that was available but now both eyes and ears to be in use during AV videoconferencing. Here are a few ways that this improved video conferencing could allow business owners to expand and connect around the world.

Ability to conduct interviews without being face to face
Most hiring process start with an online application which moves to an email, then a phone call, then a face to face meeting. Now, you can eliminate the need to meet face to face and hold the interview through a teleconference meeting. This opens up a whole myriad of things from location to who is doing the interviewing and who is being interviewed. So many barriers and obstacles are overcome by video conferencing interviews. It’s a great way to see someone’s personality face to face as well as on the phone. You could even begin the interview with audio only, if you need to hear how someone sounds without being able to see them and then later add in the video aspect.

Ability to hire people that don’t live in commuting distance
Now, with video conferencing, you aren’t limited to just the vicinity of your company when it comes to hiring people. You could open up your work force to all over the United States, even all over the world if you are really ambitious. Of course, this will make the competition for work much higher so you’ll need to compensate the pay for that in order to get people to face such a wide competition. If you are a well known company, have a good pay rate, benefits, vacation time and a good reputation then you should have no shortage of people applying to work for you company.

Ability to open a ‘work from home’ department
Being able to work form home is a great advantage for the workers as well as the employer. It saves the employer a lot of money because they don’t have to provide the desk, chair and various other equipment. Some companies will even require the employees to have their own computer hardware and just provide the software. Employees love it because they don’t have to leave the comfort of their own home. If they live far away then this is much more convenient.

Ability to hold staff meetings at any time
If you have employees that head off to different parts of the country or even into other countries to do business, then you pay have a hard time holding meetings and getting everyone on the same page with things. Now, all you have to do is arrange a time that works for everyone’s time zones and have them all log on to the same play and video conference the meeting. This means that everyone should be able to attend and you do not have to think about getting people in the office at the same time anymore.

Ability to share ideas more effectively
One of the main things that keeps a company strong is having new and creative ideas. Whether that is a new product idea or new marketing scheme, companies are kept current because of fresh ideas. When people are traveling for business, working from home or commuting, being able to get together and brain storm and work on new ideas is something that is to often, pushed to the back burner. Videoconferencing allows you to schedule specific times that can be dedicated to brainstorming the next new thing. Instead of emailing back and forth, the whole session can be done in real time.

These are only some of the amazing things that companies are able to do now because of video conferencing. It really has changed the corporate world for the better. Teleconferencing is now a way of life for many companies that have employees based around the world. It’s a great way to be completely inclusive and communicative with our foreign partners in trade. Between the computer presentations and visual translators, language doesn’t even need to be thought of as a barrier anymore.

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