How Search Agencies Can Help Your Company Find The Manager

It’s no secret that today’s workforce is changing jobs more than ever. Whether it’s millennials—dubbed the Job Hopping Generation—look for new and better opportunities or older folks looking for a career change after going back to school, people are seeking new jobs and new chances to prove themselves.

Surveys from 2015 found that 2.7 million people voluntarily left their jobs by the end of June 2015. While there’s no one particular reason why, the propensity for switching jobs is leaving companies with a lot of vacancies. Some folks are unmotivated by their jobs; some are unsure of the specific objectives of their jobs; others just don’t see eye-to-eye with their superiors and don’t believe their hard work is recognized.

So what can companies do to prevent people from leaving? One of the best steps a company can take is hiring the right office manager. Offices, especially those of big companies, need a good and experienced captain running the ship, making sure that everything runs smoothly and motivates employees to perform to their full potential.

Where do companies find the right manager? That’s where HR executive search agencies can help. With the aid of HR executive search agencies, companies can find the right people to interview for manager positions thus finding the right person to put in a leadership position. There are three important traits a good manager has and an executive search firm can help companies easily find that person:

  • Strong communication: A manager is involved in everything a company does, working with folks from the ground floor on up to ensure work is done correctly and on time. That requires an effective communicator to make it all run smoothly. Again, he or she is the captain of the ship. Many people believe management doesn’t communicate well enough or is too vague. The right office manager can talk to any employee from any department, showing patience and understanding no matter what employee they’re talking to.
  • Passion: This is arguably the most important trait that HR executive search agencies can help a company identify. It’s been found that many employees are unmotivated by their jobs and it’s hard for a company to expect them to be motivated when the manager isn’t. The right manager takes pride in their work, sets a good example for employees and motivates and inspires them to show the same passion they have.
  • Understanding of the job: If your company has many different departments, you’ll need to find a manager who can easily understand what’s expected in all of them and can easily help coordinate departments to work in harmony. Managers have to make hard choices and some of those choices can directly affect the employees they manage. By having a thorough understanding of everything there is to know, managers can maximize efficiency and help employees understand what their job duties are.

The talents described above can be invaluable if a company hires the right manager. HR executive search agencies can help companies find those people, but HR executive search agencies can also help companies find managers who are darn good at their jobs. Whether a company hires from outside or promotes from within, companies ultimately want to make the best choice, especially if they’re searching for someone to take a long-term manager position.

As the world continues to change and the way business is conducted continues to change, companies are always looking to be at the forefront of the latest developments. They want to be relevant, they want people are always thinking ahead and thinking differently and they want to be able to do things no one else is doing. Executive search firms and HR executive search agencies can help companies find those people. The company is the one who will ultimately make hiring decisions, but search agencies can help them find the best candidates.

Having the right manager can be invaluable. His or her ability to motivate, to lead, to teach and to inspire can help companies run more efficiently and drastically cut down on the potential for serious job turnover.

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