Is Your Company’s Marketing Strategy Working?

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In our modern world, marketing has taken on all sorts of forms. We see digital signs everywhere we go. Our television programs and internet videos are ripe with advertising messages and all kinds of different ideas. We seemed to be getting bombarded with information and sometimes feel like that information is too much. So if you are a company trying to make headway into the consciousness of the potential customer out there, where can you start to turn things from frustrating into satisfaction?

If you consult with just about any creative agency, you are likely going to be told that advertising is the key to your future profits. Finding the right message to send is vital, and once that message has been developed you must get it to the people who will need, want, and desire what you have to give.

Any advertising agency will tell you that you have to spend
money in order to make money. This is exactly what the ad game is all about. There were over 180 billion US dollars spent on advertising alone. Getting that targeted message out means money has to be spent on television spots, billboards, and all kinds of other platforms, the number of which keep growing and growing every day.

In today’s marketplace, it is more difficult than ever before for companies to reel in customers on the first try. A single ad campaign is no longer enough. Companies must not only display the product but win the customer’s trust as well. Today’s average customer will consult at least 11 consumer reviews before making a purchase, and the bigger the purchase, the more research they will do.

There are many tactics out there for a creative agency to employ when it comes to marketing strategies. One of the most effective strategies for today’s ad agency is to employ digital marketing practices. Consumers all over the world are functioning in the digital world daily. So much of people’s lives rely on the Internet and if your company is looking for targeted costumers, it needs to look no further than the World Wide Web. An advertising firm that doesn’t spend its time of the web isn’t understanding the world we live in today. In 2014, companies spent 25% of their total marketing budgets on digital marketing. That number is expected to jump to 75% before the end of the decade. Ad agencies all over the world are needing to become familiar with digital strategies or they will be left behind.

One of the strategies that a creative agency doesn’t seem to employ very often is the use of email marketing, especially for the small business. Only 8% of companies even have an email marketing team. This is unfortunate considering it is consistently rated as the number one platform for receiving the best ROI in any digital marketing category. Email marketing is such an easy program to set up, and building an email list is fundamental in obtaining customers who will become loyal to your business.

In the world of advertising and marketing today companies can no longer rely on a Don Draper from Mad Men to come up with a big idea that will solve all of the marketing issues a company might have. It takes a talent team of individuals who know their specialty within the advertising game. A creative agency is only as creative as its staff. When you want you business to grow and expand its reach to a new customer base while retaining the present one, then bring your marketing strategies into the present.

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