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There is no doubt technology continuously changes the way we life and this is no more true than in our health care system. “Health 2.0” can be described as the use of software and mobile tools to promote collaboration of information between the patients, medical care providers and other interested parties, such as doctors. Mobile healthcare apps provide information arthitectures that give customers a way of viewing and sending information that has only been seen this century.

One of the major concerns for these new technologies and processes is security. Secure texting, secure SMS and secure e-mail all come into factor when dealing with medical information. Medical information is highly sensitive information and if in the wrong hands, can lead to identity fraud. Currently, in the US, there are five hundred and fifty one certified medical information software companies who, together, sell 1,137 software programs. In order for information to be passed through secure texting or e-mail, these companies have to take preventative measures while staying up to date on the latest hacking information.

In a measure of sustainability, in 2009 the Hitech Act, or Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, was signed by President Obama, which provides $27 billion in finical incentives for digital health record use. This was the real first step by government to help push forward an entire industry into a totally digital and mobile world. Now, five years later, secure texting measures have helped keep patients safe and industry leaders ahead of the pact while providing one-of-a-kind digital services.

Mobile medical applications are extremely easy to use and help keep information stored, easy to access and easy to share. Gone are the days of filing cabinets filled with paperwork or the basement of a doctor’s office filled with files. Today, technology advances through mobile frameworks, e-mail and secure texting have helped transform an industry while providing society with a much better and much easier way to handle their medical information. Research more here:

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