New Technology Can Mean Safer Airport Expirience

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Believe it or not, radiation is all around us. Many times it is harmless, but in the case of xray radiation it can cause long term problems. Luckily researchers are working on a new type of technology that can make the danger and cost of industrial xrays a thing of the past. Before we get into the technology, let’s take a look at what industrial radiography is and does:

What Is Industrial Radiography

Industrial radiography or industrial x-ray inspection, uses ionization radiation to expose objects that can not be seen. It is a type of nondestructive testing method. Industrial xrays have a large number of applications. When used in product inspection, xray testing can pinpoint for damage or structural anomalies before mechanical failure occurs. X-Ray inspection is also widely used in the security industry. Xrays are used to scan shipping containers for drugs, or other illegal contraband at international harbors. The more commonly know use for xray testing is during security screenings at airports and other high security areas.

Industrial XRay Technology Used for Security

If you have ever boarded an airplane then you understand the importance of the industrial xray. Industrial xrays are used to check for dangerous materials and objects at ports of call all over the world. Before this the most common method used was hand held or free standing metal detectors and physical pat downs. The problem with this method is obvious, it the dangerous object was well hidden it would defeat these detection methods. With the advent of modern terrorism x-ray inspection took on a new form, the full body scan. This type of industrial scanning was able mix industrial x-ray detection with 3d imaging to provide a full picture of any object that may be hidden on the body.

Advances in Security Technology

Excessive exposure to x-rays overtime has been linked been linked to several radiation related illnesses. This was the impetus for researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology creating a real time 3D microwave video camera prototype. According to researchers this portable camera can perform the same functions as an airport scanner, but with the advantage of mobility. Unlike the unsafe ionizing x-rays the camera uses safe low powered electromagnetic waves. This camera can produce high resolution photos in real time due to it’s electronics. Researcher how that the advantages that this technology provides over the traditional body scan might see it used as a safer alternative for security screenings in the future. Researchers also see applications beyond security as in the the medical realm. This portable scanner may be used by EMTs and other first responders to diagnose ailments as in the case of burn victims.

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