Ramp up Your Sales with Graphic Design

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As a business owner, it is essential that you understand the importance of your website, your websites? mobile responsiveness, your web design, and your graphic design on the success of your business. Unfortunately, providing an excellent product or service just isn?t enough to make your business successful. You need customers to find your business and feel compelled to explore your website.

Even if you are running a brick-and-mortar business, your success and growth will be hinged on your online presence and effectiveness. That is why working with a highly rated web design firm and a digital marketing agency can make all the difference in the world. Having the right professionals in your corner can turn your small business into a globally successful enterprise because they can connect you with the customers in a way no one else can.

Recent studies have shown that 40% of people will leave a webpage if it doesn?t load within three seconds. The two top complaints customers have about business websites is if they are difficult to navigate or hard to interact with. Further, according one report, a website has 10 seconds to make a positive impression on a visitor, or you risk losing that potential customer.

What do you do with this information? How do you make a positive impression in less than 10 seconds? This is where good mobile web design, responsivity, and graphic design come together. A web designer can create a beautifully impressive and easy to navigate website integrating text and graphics so that the visitors are immediately drawn to the site and encouraged to look around.

It is important to let graphic images tell a big part of the story for you. No one wants to sit and read pages of text explaining your products or services. Solid graphic design can do that for you, and the written text provides the details. However, this highlights one of the reasons you need to work with a great web design company.

There are a lot of graphic designers out there that can create awe-inspiring graphics for you. However, if the images take a long time to load, no one will ever see them. You need that balance between incredible graphics and content and speed and responsiveness.

Responsiveness if an essential part of the equation for a successful business because being responsive allows users to view and navigate your website from any device. Research shows that more and more people are using the internet, shopping, and interacting with their mobile devices, opposed to their computers.

According to this research, 34% of cell users report only going online from their cell phones. Further, four out of five people stated that they shop on their smartphones. One survey reported that 40% of all internet users in the entire world have bought products from their mobile devices and that 70% of mobile searches result in an action within an hour of the search.

If you have a product or service that can be sold online, consumers have to be able to purchase it through their mobile device. Otherwise, you?ll be losing customers. There is $1.2 million spent every 30 seconds in e-commerce worldwide. Take a minute to think about that because it is a staggering amount of money being spent online.

What can you do today to improve your business? Contact a digital marketing firm for a consultation. They will look at your website, it?s responsiveness, it?s navigation, ease of use, graphic design, sales funnel, and more. They will look at every aspect that impacts your overall sales, and they will present a plan for how they can help you improve your website and increase your sales. Now is the time to take action because you may not even realize the number of customers you are losing or missing out on entirely because they can?t even find your website.

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