Software for Your Fire Sprinkler System

Since 1874, the United States has been using automated fire sprinklers. These systems decrease the amount of water that is used while fighting a fire by as much as 90%.

According to Kinetix, Fire sprinkler design differs from fire suppression systems in that they each use different methods to control or extinguish a fire. Sprinklers act by using water to put the fire out, while Confire reports that fire suppression systems employ other agents to extinguish a fire, such as chemical agents or gas. In addition, fire suppression systems often include means to detect a fire, as well as ways to alert employees and persons in charge to take additional actions. Safeopedia states that the types of fire suppression systems selected also depend on existing explosion hazards, how easily employees can evacuate the site, and whether additional water damage to the property is a factor.

For companies that are considering these different types of fire protection systems, the choice of software designed for fire sprinkler systems is an extremely important one, and there are factors that should be considered.

1. Client Support.

Your company wants to be certain that the software they choose will be backed up with a strong customer support network that responds quickly, has in-depth knowledge of the software system you have in place, and is reliable.

2. Technology.

As SprinklerAge reminds us, doing fire sprinkler hydraulic calculations by hand is no longer necessary. SprinkCad believes that the fire suppression software designer you select must be able to provide you with the industry’s most up-to-date technology, such as fire sprinkler hydraulic calculations, 3-D sprinkler system design, and calculations for fluid delivery times. Firehouse also stresses the importance of having fire sprinkler CAD details. Often referred to as computer-aided dispatch, CAD is a way to dispatch and track emergency service events with the help of computers outfitted with the software for the CAD program.

3. Expertise and Experience.

Designing software for fire protection systems requires expertise as well as experience in this specialized field. Make sure that the company you choose offers evidence of this, as well as testimonials from satisfied clients.

When making a decision that impacts the safety of your employees and facility, these guidelines will help you select a company that designs fire sprinkler system software with this in mind.

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