Ten Features to Look for in a Website Hosting Company

Managed services team

Website hosting companies are a big factor in a business’ day-to-day functions. Their managed services software offers a way to make offices become more efficient and organized all via a monthly or yearly subscription.

Managed Services Benefits: Website hosting providers cut out daily management tasks and often include IT professionals that help customers troubleshoot various issues.

If you’ve decided to give web hosting a try (and 37% of small and medium sized businesses have already bought the service), here are ten features to look for in website hosting companies:

  1. Storage Space: You should always ask website hosting providers how much data you are able to store user their services. Depending on how large your company is and what industry you are in, you will need different amounts of storage.
  2. Bandwidth: Bandwidth is the amount of data website hosting companies let you and your visitors upload and download per month. If you exceed the amount allotted, the host will charge you extra money.
  3. Domain Number: One successful site usually leads to wanting another, and another… But what do you do when it comes to hosting? Always be sure your host company offers multiple domains.
  4. Email Accounts: A host should offer an email account for your domain, but you’ll want to know example how many accounts they’ll let you set up. Will these email addresses be able to link up with Google applications? Be sure to find out!
  5. Database Support: Ask if you can have a database to back up your information — most companies have a database set up. However, you should be able to choose what type of database you want.
  6. Easy Installation: Most web hosts will provide a company with a range of services, including internet security, tech support, and trouble shooting. They should also offer easy, one-click installation for popular frameworks.
  7. Mobile App: This should be very commonplace now, but only a few web hosting companies offer mobile apps for your business. A mobile app can greatly increase the number of visitors to your site every month because it’s convenient.
  8. Tech Support: You definitely need to find out what kind of tech support your host company offers. Do they have a 24/7 hotline? Can you instant message them? Can you video chat? Ask what they offer.
  9. Language: No Spanish versus French. Instead, you will probably want a host company that can offer you multiple server-side languages in case you decide that PHP is not offering enough for you to build a website.
  10. AdWords: A key part of search engine optimization, AdWords isn’t something you will definitely need, but you may want it to see how people are finding or searching for your site.

Before purchasing a web host company, be sure to compare fees and package deals, many companies offer different options.

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