The Basics on Contaminant Ingression

Contaminant ingression has always been a big problem in machines. A fluid or gas being contained can often leak into other parts of a larger mechanism. This can cause a plethora of issues, including slippage, grinding, and overall breakdown. It is of the utmost importance that mechanics and technicians take special care to avoid any form of contaminant ingression whatsoever. This video describes some solutions to prevent this reoccurring problem.

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In addition, another factor is the outside materials coming into the machine itself. There are several mechanisms made to prevent this, such as breathers. However, a labyrinth ring seal seems to be an excellent alternative that fixes both problems. While maintaining a static position, the labyrinth ring seal keeps all gases and material out of it’s designated area while simultaneously keeping lubricant and other materials in the machine as well. As opposed to other seals that may have issues with grinding against other parts of the machine, a labyrinth ring seal stays put and doesn’t tend to cause any contact damage in the system. If you’re looking for inner and outer coverage, this seal is perfect for your project!


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