What Is Microsoft 365 Compliance?

Microsoft Compliance Manager is a feature in the Microsoft 365 compliance center that helps you manage your organization’s compliance requirements with greater ease and convenience. The Office 365 Security & Compliance center ensures company communications and critical data of all forms remain secure.

The Microsoft Office 365 Security & Compliance Center is an enterprise email security and data protection solution purpose-built for organizations that use Office 365 business products, Outlook, and Exchange servers alike.

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The Security & Compliance Center provides advanced email threat protection, data protection, policy management, and other cyber security and security management capabilities to ensure vulnerable attack vectors within an organization remain as protected as possible. It includes threat protection policies, real-time reports, automated threat investigation and response, and attack simulation features. Additionally, it automatically encrypts all outgoing messages and message replies to the organization. Doing so allows companies to strengthen the protection and control of highly sensitive company information as emails and other data are shared with individuals inside and outside of the organization.

Microsoft’s Compliance Manager gives security teams and other company stakeholders the ability to assess compliance risks as well as assign, track, and record compliance activity within Microsoft Cloud services–helping ensure all regulatory compliance requirements are met.

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