What New Signage Does Your Business Need to Help Draw in Customers During These Challenging Times?

You know how to turn a sad mindset into a joyful evening. You know how to hang out with your seventh grade bestie and get all caught up with her, meet her fabulous husband and amazing kids, reminisce, and even cry a little bit.

Through the wonders of this digital life that everyone lives today, you reconnected a few years ago with the seventh grade soul who helped change the course of your life. She now lives just 25 minutes from the Ivey league school your son will attend and tonight you got caught up, socially distanced, on her patio. She welcomed your family to her home, treated us to delicious pizza, loaned your son a bike, offered to be his safe place to land in tough times, and reminded you why you loved her so much, way back when.

There are moments each of us recalls and you shared yours last night with the small group, as it was a seminal moment in your life. Fifth and sixth grade, the last two years of elementary school, were rough, at times. Friends you had grown up with just were not around in the same way. As you sat in seventh grade social studies class and the teacher told you about the upcoming student council elections, which were legitimate elections with hundreds of homemade campaign stickers and posters and a week of campaigning and speeches, your new acquaintance turned to you and asked if you would be running. By that point, your confidence was shot and your answer was a definite no. But when you asked if she would be running, she enthusiastically said yes. To which you replied, “Well then you’re going to need a campaign manager! Do you want me to be your campaign manager?!” She happily accepted and that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and a student council victory. You cried a little when you reminded your east coast friend of that story, because you have carried it in your heart all these years. Your gratitude for someone accepting you and wanting to be your friend was overwhelming.
And tonight was a wonderful full-circle moment as your friend is now taking your son under her wings.

Turning Every Kind of Situation Into a Positive Strategy Is the Goal of Any Idea for Printing for Marketing Material
You realize now, of course, that your ability to turn your sadness and loneliness into enthusiasm for someone else’s elementary campaign was just the beginning of a possible career. You later ran for some school offices yourself, but whether you were in the race yourself or helping out on someone else’s campaign, you always wanted to be in charge of the message. Those early handmade campaign stickers and posters now serve as the tip of the iceberg of all the various kinds of plans you have made for printing for marketing materials. As a leader in local printing services your business now offers a wide range of customers oversized printing options that make those early handmade posters look small. And the plans you help clients with for their own printing for marketing material have played major roles in many kinds of promotions, elections, and public service announcements.

From trade show printing to new signs for businesses that have had to transform themselves overnight because of Covid 19, the knowledge you have of the printing for marketing material needs remains an integral part of your growing business. The latest research shows that the average company allocates 31.6% of its total marketing budget to events and exhibiting, and more than $24 billion is spent every year by U.S. exhibitors for trade show displays. Unfortunately, 70% of these exhibitors set no specific objectives for trade shows exhibits. Working with the right marketing team, however, can correct and fill in this gap.

And while it may seem like this digital world that we live in might eliminate the need for printed documents, the opposite is actually true. In fact, marketing research indicates that people are generally more engaged with printed material over digital, which is often skimmed in 15 seconds or less.

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