What To Know When Investing In Audio Video Technology

Audio video repair company

Audio video technology is one of the most notable achievements of the digital age. It stands to reason your business or institution would benefit from the best audio video solutions out there, from good system design to more compatible hardware. An audio video repair service can fix any ailing technology that you need to use as quickly as possible, while audio video system design services can create a useful tool you’ll be turning to again and again.

Basic Industry Trends

Let’s start off with how the West is handling the latest advancements in audio video technology. Of households with an income of $100,000 or more, at least 3% spent up to a thousand dollars on home theater systems. This has extended notably to businesses large and small, with everything from retail to restaurants putting in the extra effort to get the very best audio video solutions around. It helps to know what people are buying to narrow down what you’ll need on your list.

Common Accessory Choices

What, exactly, does audio video technology entail? About everything it says on the tin. The number of headphones and headsets sold around the world, for example, have seen an increase of $263 million in 2013 to a stunning $335 million in 2016. Global sales of bluetooth docking speakers, as well, have seen notable growth from 2013 and have gone from nine million sales to 42 million in 2016. Additional accessories include wire extensions, scanners and monitors.

Basic Everyday Preferences

Digital content is the way of the future. The outlook for the TV and Home installation Services industry is looking especially bright, trickling into businesses, institutions and educational establishments year after year. The United States is a profitable market for the audio and sound equipment industry, with the market value of consumer electronics estimated to pass $120 billion for the first time. While powerpoint presentations are thought to have fallen out of style, it couldn’t be further from the truth. They’re a simple and easy way of presenting complicated ideas or strategies to a large group.

Quality Equipment Effects

Did you know that, three days after an event, people will retain only around 10% of what they heard from an oral presentation? Compare this to a visual presentation, where the average person will retain 35%, and a visual and oral presentation where they’ll retain 65% or more. The time limit for presentations has a notable effect on the listeners — no more than 10 to 15 slides, even for complex topics, is really needed.

Using Audio Video

Keep these tips in mind when seeking out audio video technology and you can save both time and money. Remember that, for large groups, consider aids that are easy for everyone to see — slides and transparencies work well, with the optimum group size for these methods being five to 100 people. Groups larger than 25 will likely need a large screen as well as an assistant to change the frames. Additional studies by experimental psychologists and educators alike have found that retention of information just three days after a meeting (or a similar event) is six times greater when presented through visual and oral means than by word alone. Last, but not least, contacting audio video companies can help with any technical or set-up details you may be needing. The benefits of working with an audio video consultant, whether it’s your store or class, cannot be understated.

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