3 Important Uses of Industrial Filtration You May Not Have Known

Liquid filter bags

Installed in the inner workings of important machines and devices people use every day, filtration systems are crucial to the success of many different industries. To put it in perspective, the global industrial filtration market is estimated to surpass a whopping $19 billion by the year 2020.

Due to the importance of industrial filtration around the world, it’s important to know if and when your company can benefit from it. You should also strive to make your company “landfill-free,” and finding recyclable filtration products will help to make the environment a better place for everybody. Here are three common uses of industrial filtration and how they benefit the industries that take advantage of them:

    Oil filtration systems. Oil filtration can be tricky because you have to find the perfect balance between maintaining product quality and meeting environmental standards. A productive oil filtration system will both restore and improve the cleanliness of the product. You also minimize downtime, and a great oil filtration system works throughout the entire day, even when the machinery isn’t being used.

    Food and beverage filtration systems. While you may assume the water you’re using is properly filtered by the time it reaches your tap, it’s just not the case. There are thousands of contaminants still present in your water, and filtering these harmful chemicals and bacteria out is the first step in producing a quality product. The membrane water treatment industry is projected to reach $2.8 billion by the year 2020, increasing by about $1 billion in just ten years, which shows that more and more industries are beginning to see the benefits of pure water.

    Coolant filtration systems. The automotive industry is heavily dependent on quality filtration that will prolong the lifespan of cars and help avoid unneeded repairs. About half of all engine downtime can be attributed to coolant system failure, and improper filtration is the leading cause of an inefficient engine. Coolant filtration battles rust, debris, and any other unwanted materials that can do harm to a vehicle.

These are just three of the industries that depend on quality filtration systems to go about their work in a safe and efficient manner. Do a little research on your own and make sure your business is reaping the benefits of the incredible advances in industrial filtration.

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