How Can I Drive Traffic to My Site?

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A business’s website is its public face and is one of the biggest ways they get new business.  While having a great website, that is user friendly and looks great on a mobile device does you no good if no one can find you. Knowing how to improve website traffic makes all the difference.  The good news is that driving more traffic to your site is not rocket science.

How to improve website traffic:

Use your social channels. Link to your website on all of your social profiles.  Search engines place a premium on high quality links.  Linking to your site from your Facebook page counts as a high quality link.  Post new content such as new products, services to YouTube video. Go to any and all Facebook groups that are relevant to your business and post something. Don’t make it an ad, just include it in something.

Increase your followers.  If your site has many high quality followers it will improve website SEO (search engine optimization). Followers are people who communicate with you regularly on your social media channels. Search engines look for engagement, how often you interact with your followers and how many you have.  They consider interaction to be anything from Facebook likes, to retweets to reviewing you on Google+.  Don’t try to fake it, it won’t work.  Sites like Facebook know how to sniff that out and you’ll end up biting yourself in the foot.These are some of the seo marketing techniques used by any professional website designer.

Your content needs to be shareable and searchable.  WordPress gives you the option to make your content searchable.  Facebook does the same thing with posts.  You want people to be able to find you!  Make sure you do this across the board.  For most sites, such as YouTube, the default setting is to make the content private so you have to opt to make it searchable. Also, put buttons on all your sites so people can share your content on their social media sites.  This is one way how to improve website traffic.

Don’t be stingy with your keywords!  These are important in helping you drive traffic by increasing your SEO.  You might first want to ask yourself, “What keywords do I rank for?” Then Use them!  You want your site to be the one people find when they search for relevant content.  Do not use keywords that are not relevant.  If someone looking for a kitten finds you and your business is plumbing, nothing is gained.

Take advantage of local listings.  List your business with Google+ and Yelp. Customers can review your business on those sites and that will drive traffic your site.  Make sure your customer service is good!  Google will also recommend sites with really high positive reviews faster than other sites.  When looking for information about a local business, 82% of consumers say they use search engines.

SEO friendly web design is critically important to your business.  When it comes to lead generation, 41 percent of B2CB marketers say SEO is the most important factor and 57% of B2B say the same thing.

Now, this is not an exact science, it’s more of an art.  What works today, may not work tomorrow.  Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, new social media outlets emerge practically once a week and no one knows what technology will come out tomorrow so you have to stay on top of new trends to be successful. Find more on this here.

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