5 Advantages to Having a Custom Website

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Advantages to Having a Custom Website

Identity is important, which is why having an attractive website design can put a company a step ahead others, especially those in the same industry. Most of the time, custom websites are done by a web designer to achieve best results. Once the website is up and running, it is easier to lead digital marketing campaigns, have search engines find the business, and build a positive brand.

  1. Responsive Web Page

  2. In today’s digital age, four out of five customers shop on smartphones. Making it easy for shoppers to navigate the website can be done by a responsive webpage. Furthermore, since two-thirds of mobile consumers access the internet from their device, having a website that can span all different types of electronics is important. A responsive web page will allow shoppers to access a custom website on tablets, iPods, e-readers, or other types of digital media.

  3. First Impressions

  4. People make subconscious judgements within 90 seconds of the first viewing of a website, so having a website that properly represents the company is important. By making a great first impression, the client is likely to stay on the website longer, so they are more likely to buy the products/services that are offered.

  5. Marketing

    Content marketing generates three times as many leads over traditional outbound marketing and it costs 62% less, so it is the perfect option for a custom website. Content is simple to create and large amounts of customers can be reached and helps SEO rankings. With a custom website, content can be created on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on readership and buyer habits.

  6. Branding

  7. A custom website will be built around the current brand, graphics, and logos. Some website templates only allow certain specifications when it comes to design, so allowing your brand to be integrated with graphics and logos naturally will make for a more aesthetically pleasing website design.

  8. Longevity

  9. Having a custom designed website will ensure the site will stay up longer. While it may take longer to code in the beginning, it will last for years to come and will be quicker to upgrade as technology changes.

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