5 Features That Every Small Business Website Must Have

Squarespace website set up

When it comes to marketing your small business, it all starts with your website. But in today’s competitive digital landscape, it isn’t enough simply to create one. Your site must be beautiful and functional, drawing in web users and turning them into customers. The following are some of the most important features that modern small business websites should have.

  1. A Clear Logo: Quality logo design is key. Find a graphic designer you trust to create a memorable image to represent your business. Then place it in a prominent place on your website. The top left corner is a popular spot, but feel free to play around with it.
  2. Simple Navigation: Just as quality graphic design matters to your site, so does navigation design. You want your potential customers to know where to find everything they are looking for. For ecommerce websites, for example, users should be able to find your contact information just as easily as your products.
  3. Clean Page Layouts: Simple website design goes a long way. Keep every page as clean as possible to allow your content to stand out. This means cutting any unnecessary content and leaving plenty of white space between different features. Even if you have features like hover animations, keep the rest simple to not overwhelm users.
  4. Calls To Action: Your customers know why they are on your website, but do they know what to do now? Establish clear calls to action around your site to direct users to their next step.
    This is also a great way to incorporate keywords into your design.
  5. Social Media Buttons: Remember that your digital marketing should encompass your website and your social media sites. It all should be integrative into a seamless user experience.
    So, while your users can find your website via your social profiles, they should be able to find your social pages via your website.

Once you include the above features, and any others you deem necessary, keep an eye on your site analytics. This will tell you just how effective your SEO and web design are. You may need to fine tune certain features to get your numbers where you want them.  When looking for help marketing your small business, always check for agency reviews.

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