A Short History of E911 Services

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Have you ever heard of a service known as E911 VoIP, and found yourself wondering, “What is E911?” If so, you’re in luck because this article will tell you all about the basics of E911 service and what the most important facts about IP phone services are. VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, has become increasingly popular in recent years. According to research done by Infonetics, the number of VoIP companies is expected to double in the five years between 2011 and 2016. As more people get access to high speed internet service in homes and offices across the world, VoIP systems become a preferable option to normal phone service because they integrate two services — phone and internet — into one.

Some of the most commonly cited advantages of VoIP are the low costs, portability and flexibility of services, as users can transmit not only voice calls but videos and SMS messages as well. Additionally, a commonly forgotten service is E911 (if you were wondering, “What is E911?” then here’s your chance to find out!), which is a service intended to improve the efficiency of emergency calls. The goal is to provide the correct emergency personnel to the victim sooner and with fewer resources, which overall makes the system work a lot better. Keep reading to learn a history of E911 services and how they help people across the globe today.

  • The first 911 network is installed in Alabama.
    In the most rudimentary stages of emergency phone services, the technology wasn’t advanced enough to provide information about the caller’s location. Instead, this basic service simply connected the caller with an emergency telephone operator and they called in to request a certain kind of emergency service. As you can imagine, sometimes this caused problems, especially when responders were trying to locate the victims. Because there wasn’t GPS or other location technology, it could take a while to get in touch with people who requested ambulances, police or firetrucks.
  • The ’90s technology boom prompts the development of E911 services.
    Enhanced 911 technology was a huge change in the world of emergency response because it allowed 911 operators to quickly locate someone based on signals connected with where the call originated. When people call from any kind of wireless network, information regarding their location is connected with the voice call, and 911 operators have access to this. Then they can determine the closest emergency response center and they can dispatch services based on who can get to that location in the least time. This left a lasting mark on emergency services and ensured it would be an effective way to help Americans for years to come.
  • “911” becomes a symbol of fast emergency response in America.
    Anyone who sees the numbers “911” written anywhere will associate this with reliable way to get in contact with emergency services. Over the past 60 years, people have grown to trust the operators who answer 911 calls and the public knows they will send the right emergency personnel to abate a crisis.

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