Three Statistics The Prove the Importance of Mobile Web Design

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Once upon a time, there really wasn’t any need to have a mobile-optimized web page design; in fact, most businesses didn’t pay attention to how well their web pages worked on mobile devices, because so few consumers were using mobile devices to access the internet. But that’s all changed now — and if your business doesn’t have a great mobile web design, you’re probably already suffering from it. Here are a few reasons why mobile web design is absolutely essential for any small business’s digital marketing optimization strategy:

  • It’s estimated that at least 56% of Americans own a smartphone today, and countless additional consumers also own other mobile devices like tablets. Gone are the days when “brick” phones were the most popular cellphones around; these days, more consumers are using their phones for a variety of internet-based activities.

  • Nearly 70% of marketing experts state that good content is one of the most important parts of a great website, and “good” content doesn’t just include a few photos and some text boxes. Considering that 94% of first impressions are completely dependent upon design, it’s no surprise that “good” content includes different types of media, presented in a way that’s reader-friendly and isn’t over-stimulating (e.g., too many bright colors, flashing videos, or distracting fonts).

  • But aesthetic design isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to creating a good mobile web design — it’s also important to make sure that your web page is optimized for mobile device usage so that the content loads quickly and is displayed properly on smaller mobile screens. In fact, if your web page takes more than three seconds to load, about 40% of your visitors will simply leave the page rather than wait for it to load.

The good news is that it’s okay if you don’t know the first thing about modern web design — most digital marketing firms and SEO companies also offer comprehensive web design services for their clients, so that every website is optimized for any kind of internet marketing strategy.

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