American Business Owners Look Abroad to Find Customers, Report International Marketing Success

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As American businesses of every size struggle to achieve market dominance online, they must grapple with ever-changing search engine optimization strategies and reconcile themselves to the fact that a strong presence on social media has become an unavoidable part of any digital marketing endeavor. While expert studies show that finding branding success on social media can be elusive, companies that make the effort to reach out to new and existing customers online should find an increase in their customer conversion rates at the very least.
Any SEO branding strategy should begin with a conversation with a professional SEO company. As more American business owners seek to outsource IT and human resource positions, they should realize that marketing and branding may be best left to the SEO consulting experts. Smaller business owners can, of course, involve in-house staff with any re-branding efforts; many experienced advertising and marketing professionals are making a concerted effort to master new digital marketing strategies.
What a professional SEO company can bring to the table is strategy. How can businesses reach the average consumer, the niche consumer, and the new consumer? Attracting new business while maintaining existing customer satisfaction metrics remains essential to the success of any business, but search engine optimization consists of much more than regular social media posts. While contests and coupons remain relevant, companies may be spending too much on printed media for their marketing and outreach efforts. Any SEO branding strategy must be crafted carefully in order to inspire customer loyalty and curiosity.
While the vast majority of American consumers report that their buying process begins with a quick internet search, studies reveal a more startling — and worrisome — statistic. Fully 75% of all American consumers do not interact with search results beyond the first page. Companies whose search engine optimization campaigns need further attention may find themselves languishing on the third or fourth page of search engine results, customer loss being the inevitable and unfortunate result. Business owners need to turn to a professional SEO company in order to boost their rankings and to become more visible to consumers who need their products and services.
There is a new approach to branding that goes beyond maintaining a social media presence, although a robust social media account has the potential to draw new customers in by the thousands. Attempting to create viral content can be dicey, but American companies are learning to rely on advertising and marketing software that offers them a new option for attracting customers. Business owners and professional SEO companies can actually use marketing software to track customers’ locations, and businesses that are still searching for local success may be surprised to find just how high they rank on search results in other towns, states, or countries.
A shoe manufacturer, for example, might examine their metrics — conveniently provided by newer marketing software — and discover that their business maintains a high rate of interest in another country. Of course, a search engine optimization service would then be able to focus on marketing campaigns in that country’s language, and the introduction of a small amount of printed advertising could be highly effective. Marketing software, in addition to determining consumer location, can also help business owners ascertain whether consumers search for relevant keywords at a certain time of day.
With just a few essential metrics at hand, business owners can work with a professional SEO company to streamline their advertising campaigns for both reach and effectiveness. Changing the direction or overall “feel” of a campaign can be done with less effort — and expense — than ever before. Every week, there are more than 600 million searches for local businesses, and while companies may find themselves competing with firms from other states and countries, the new global economy truly offers businesses the chance to get their footing — and develop a loyal customer base — on a much larger scale than ever before.

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