Six Things to Look for in an IT Managed Services Provider

It managed services

As a small business owner, you probably wear a lot of hats. You probably serve as your business’s accountant, HR services, marketing team of one, and maybe even the maintenance man from time to time. One aspect of your business that you might not have the skill set to provide for yourself is your IT support. Managing your own computer maintenance might be within your wheelhouse, but as your business grows, so will your reliance on technology, and the IT support you need for cyber security, network development, and cloud services will eventually outgrow your know-how. This is where IT managed services comes in, giving you the chance to put the IT needs of your business in the hands of people who have dedicated their careers to it and will keep you running efficiently.

Finding great IT manage services providers is an important factor in running your business. Your business probably strongly relies on the computers and networks, and having great computer support is essential for being able to run your business. A few ways to identify a computer support provider that is going to partner with you in running a successful business include:

  1. A diverse list of services offered.

    The IT services for small businesses include a lot more than just basic computer repair and computer support. Look for a computer support provider who offers disaster recovery planning and services, can help you develop and manage your cloud services, and other such IT services, to really cover your IT support needs completely.

  2. The ability to future proof your technical needs.

    The IT support provider you need today might be minimal. But as your business grows and your reliance on technology grows, you will have a greater use for IT services. Take the time to find a managed IT services provider who will both allow you to grow into the support that you eventually need, and also help you with IT planning in the future, to create a strategy that will seamlessly let you scale as your business succeeds.
  3. Assistance with technical road mapping.

    We touched on this previously, but your IT manage services provider should be willing to help you make IT decisions that are the best interests in the future of your company. While you know what you want for your business better than anyone else, you probably don’t have the technical knowledge to develop an IT plan that aligns with your vision. You should be able to utilize the technical expertise of your IT services provider to be forward thinking and to help your business run efficiently, and to keep costs low.

  4. Investing in the development of their staff.

    The strength of your computer support
    team is directly tied to the training and skill level of the staff who actually provide computer support for you. You don’t want to invest in an IT managed services provider who hired their tech guys years ago, and have not improved or developed their knowledge along the way. Ask about certifications and ongoing training of the staff before making the choice on an IT services provider.

  5. Reliability of services

    Your IT services provider will be responsible for keeping your network chugging along. You don’t want to learn the hard way that their equipment is not reliable. A few things to look for that ensure reliable services include:

    • Around-the-clock remote monitoring
    • Best practices used for disaster recovery
    • Immediate response from customer support
    • Excellent system performance
  6. Excellent security protocols

    Cyber security is one of the biggest hot button topics in the tech world right now. Businesses like Sony, Target, and many government agencies have been crippled due to cyber attacks. The instances of cyber threats grow by 14% every year. A small business might not have the strength to withstand a single cyber attack. Putting the cyber security of your business in the hands of a company who uses best practices and up-to-date security protocols is critical for the safety and future of your company.

Using IT managed services is a great way to access up-to-date technology in your business. Before choosing a provider, it is important to do your homework and find one who will best support your business’s success.

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