Are You Aware of the Water Issues That Others Face Around the World?

Social media may have its shortcomings, but it also plays a vital role in informing and mobilizing a generation.

Although there are many people who still toward both the power and the intent of the social media platforms that are so pervasive in our society, it is difficult to ignore what has become a part of our every day lives. And while it may have once been easy to say that you were not aware of the problems that plaque the world, one quick scroll through Twitter this week might have caught you off guard.
Reports from the United Nations states that Yemen is currently facing the worst humanitarian crisis this world has ever seen. As evidence, the post indicated that 80% of the country’s population, which represents 24 million, is in desperate need. The fact that a child is dying every 10 minutes as 17.4 million lack access to safe water which as led to a huge Cholera pandemic. Activists of many ages can share their anger, passion, and bewilderment that a you know a problem that can be solved by rehydration is creating such an issue. Shrugging their emoticon shoulders as they post that’s it. no fancy medicine, just. basic care and the knowledge of how to utilize it, this digital generation may drive the world toward a solution. The fact that cholera is still a huge problem in Yemen says a lot about the condition if this world right now. With the technology to provide axial flow pumps, underwater pumps, and water pump services throughout this country, in fact, there are many digital dreamers who simply cannot understand how these technologies are not helping others across the world.

Today’s Technology Can Solve Tomorrow’s Crisis
Whether you are on social media or not, you likely know that water is a commodity that we can no longer take for granted. Whether you are traveling abroad and paying to drink bottled water or you live in a part of the U.S. that is known for water troubles like Flint, Michigan, however, it is nice to know that there are technologies like axial flow pumps and other products offered by industrial water pumps manufacturers that can help provide safe and usable water. The frustrations that come in knowing that other parts of the world lack these same conveniences, though, can be a challenge. In a time of shifting climate conditions there are many who are also trying to deal with the destruction that water can cause. In fact, statistics from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers place from 100 million to many hundreds of millions of individuals in cities that could experience flooding within any given generation. This, of course, is when the use of conveniences like axial flow pumps are even more important. Since the year 2010, for example, floods have cost America almost $40 billion, and a portion of these costs have been on pumping technology.

From flooding recovery to solving the problem of cholera the world depends on the safe keeping of the water of the world, and whether you get your information from social media or more traditional news sources it is a topic that is important to everyone.

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