Here are 3 Applications of Cold Chain Delivery

Cold chain delivery is something you might not have heard of but it is enormously important in several different fields. Cold chain delivery refers to a delivery system that keeps items that need to remain cold at a certain temperature range throughout the entire delivery process. This is incredibly important since even a minor temperature change can completely ruin a product before it reaches its destination. This article will look at some of the applications of cold chain delivery.

  • Used to Safely Deliver Frozen Foods: One application of cold chain delivery is that it can be used to safely deliver frozen foods from the manufacturer to various retailers. Some foods must be kept frozen during delivery to be kept edible. If the temperature rises too high, the food can spoil and need to be thrown out when it arrives, which is a huge loss for the company. Cold chain delivery, if done properly, prevents temperature rises from happening.
  • Used to Safely Deliver Pharmaceuticals: Another application of cold chain delivery, and perhaps the most important application described here, is that it can be used to safely deliver pharmaceutical samples and other important biological pharmaceutical products like vaccines to their destination. Vaccines in particular must be kept at a consistently cold temperature throughout the delivery process or they can spoil and be unusable. Pharmaceutical companies lose around $150,000 on average per every small package shipment due to these kinds of temperature slips. Cold chain delivery, ideally, should prevent temperature slips from happening and keep the deliveries safe.
  • Used to Safely Deliver Chemicals: A third application of cold chain delivery is that it can be used to safely deliver chemicals. Some chemicals require a low temperature in order to remain stable during delivery, and cold chain delivery can ensure that this happens. If the chemicals aren’t kept consistently cold, they could become unstable and explode, so ensuring cold chain delivery from beginning to end of the process is very important.

In conclusion, there are several important applications of cold chain delivery. These include safely delivering frozen foods, pharmaceutical products like vaccines, and chemicals that require a low temperature to remain stable. Cold chain delivery ensures that vital products like food and pharmaceutical products remain at safely cold temperatures during the delivery process and arrive intact and usable. Without cold chain delivery, it wouldn’t be possible to deliver these important products across very long distances.

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