Cables Aren’t As Complex As They Seem How To Improve Your Home Office In Time For The New Year

Cables can seem like their own language at times. Not only do they come in a hundred different varieties, it’s easy to fall behind in just a year’s time. Where does it end?

It doesn’t matter what kind of set-up you have: learning the art of cables is a simple as getting your terms in order. There are plenty of fantastic options available to help you get the most out of your electronics. If you’re looking for better audio and video quality, HDMI cables will ensure you’re not constantly dropping frames. If you’re more interested in a smoother Internet connection, CAT cables are where you should start looking. Need a little more detail?

Read below and learn the difference between all of these cables…with some extra tips on saving money!

Think About What You Want To Use Your Set-Up For

The best way to narrow down all these different cables is to know what you’re trying to make. Are you a hobbyist that wants to enjoy high quality streaming video or a professional who needs a better office space? This goes not just for your computer, but also for your television and your cell phone. Ideally, your investments should be working in tandem with one another, not against each other. A lagging Ethernet connection may not seem like much now, but it’ll cost you wasted minutes and set you back before you know it.

Gauge How Often You Go On The Internet

If you’re someone who uses the Internet on a regular basis, upgrading your Ethernet cables is your first order of business. According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 80% of Americans go online daily. Another 45% stated they go online several times per day, while 25% stressed they are online constantly. CAT5e cable bulk is fast becoming the new standard for most people today, a smart price with a connection stronger than most wi-fi. If you’re online often, however, CAT6 cable bulk will be a wiser investment.

Seek To Improve All Your Electronics

This can’t be stressed enough. Your television, computer, and phone are like cogs in a machine, influencing one another throughout the day. If your Internet is slow or your phone keeps dying, you’ll find yourself losing precious minutes that could be spent being productive. When you invest in a siamese video cable, consider double-checking your cell phone accessories. Many phone charging cables today are woefully outdated and fail to power up their devices in a short amount of time.

Protect Your Investment Beyond The Warranty

Warranties are good for peace-of-mind, but why not go a step further? You might end up spending thousands on your set-up once you’re finished, after all. A surge protector will keep your electronics protected in the event of a storm or power surge. The Electrical Safety Foundation International conducted a survey on the importance of surge protectors — around 80% of surveyed professionals stated it’s an essential tool to protect equipment. The number of joules listed on the surge protector will represent the energy absorption rating, so go as high as possible!

Upgrade Your Cables Every Few Years

Technology moves faster and faster. Keeping up means committing to switching things up every few years. The siamese video cable you use today might not be compatible with your video devices down the road — when searching for new versions, make sure to double-check if there’s backwards compatibility. USB 3.1 compliant devices, for example, are generally able to work with USB 2.0 compliant devices. It’s a little work learning the ins and outs of your tools, but it’s very worth it.

Keep up your set-up. Check your siamese video cables and HDMI cables today so you’re prepared for tomorrow.

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