Things to Consider When Looking for Fire Sprinkler Design Software

Strange as it is to consider, automatic fire sprinkler systems have been use in the United States since 1874! But today’s modern systems require modern technology. If you work in the fire sprinkler design field, you already likely understand the importance of finding the best software available. Regardless of the situation, you will want a software that works for all types of fire suppression systems.

The most important feature of any fire suppression design software is the ability to make the process as efficient as possible. Any reliable software will help you accomplish this with 3D designing, hydraulic calculations, easy access to assets like fire sprinkler CAD block drawings and training programs that teach designers how to use the software.

Type of Project

For some projects, free software will work. Of course paid versions of fire sprinkler design software will have more features and be suitable for a broader scope of projects, from wet pipe, dry pipe to deluge. Even among paid software, there can be quite a range of features that may or may not be needed for your project. Again, they key is to find software that allows you to do the most in the shortest amount of time.

Fire Sprinkler Design Training

Fire Sprinkler Design is a specialty skill that requires extensive training. Good fire suppression design companies will typically offer training courses on how to use their software. In most cases, this is a mandatory training, and certification is usually required (and always desirable).

For obvious reasons of safety, intense training is a requirement to design fire sprinkler systems. Any errors, even small errors, can be catastrophic. While most software can be used to create accurate calculations and perform thorough testing, fire sprinkler design errors carry more weight than some other systems. An effective, well-rounded training is needed to help ensure the software is properly utilized.

Software Cost and Specifications

Cost is a factor in any decision. While there are great free design software options, not all features are free and not all software, training programs and other peripheral features (such as fire sprinkler CAD block designs and other elements) are free. Since the quality of software varies, it’s important to ensure the software you’re purchasing meets all of the needs of the project. Additionally, it’s important to make sure the software is compatible with whatever operating system you’ll be doing the actual design work on. Most programs are specifically designed for a particular operating system (Windows vs. iOS, for example), so compatibility is a key feature.


If you have worked in the fire sprinkler design field at all, you likely already understand why using software is so important. But it’s not always cut and dry which software suits the project the best. Cost, features (like free fire sprinkler CAD block designs) and quality of training can vary greatly, so it’s important to thoroughly research a product and fire sprinkler design companies before making a decision.

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