Cost Estimating Software What You Need to Know

Contract pricing

Businesses that gain work through contracting face an uphill battle from the start. Especially when bidding on government contracts, contractors face stiff competition — and that is an understatement. A bidder on a government contract typically has a 12% chance of winning the contract. The actual work is hard enough; getting the opportunity to work on a project is just has challenging. It is estimated that 49% of small businesses fall into major debt over time. For contracting businesses, failing to gain a contract can lead to serious repercussions. As such, contractors are always looking for that special edge when responding to a request for proposals (RFP). There are more than 2,000 government agencies out there, many of which offer RFPs. Though they vary in function and organization, they all have at least one thing in common: they’re notoriously hard to please.

That is why proposal management software is so invaluable to the thousands of contracting companies bidding on RFPs. A response to a RFP is expected to be organized, clear, and thorough. Government agencies want to ensure that the company they hire for their projects have experience and the know-how needed so that American tax-dollars are well-spent. Proposal management software (otherwise known as proposal pricing software, proposal creation software, and cost estimating software) collects the necessary documentation and presents them in a way that will certainly give any given contractor an edge over the other bidders. The cost estimating software in particular makes sure that quotas, inventory listings, and business model estimates (among other RFP requirements) are calculated correctly and promptly. Once everything is calculated and set, this software is able to present the response to a RFP in an appealing manner. Looks, after all, can sometimes be just as important as substance.

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