Three Content Marketing Predictions for 2015

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Today, almost every individual and business owner is familiar with content marketing, whether in the form of advertising through social media, web search optimization or other methods. However, with technology and the modern market constantly developing and improving, content marketing strategies have no choice but to change with them in order to be effective. For this reason, if you’re managing content marketing for your company, it is important to stay abreast of any current and future developments if you are to be successful. Start today: read on to learn how content marketing is expected to change in the coming months of 2015.

Things Are About To Get Personal
Currently, social media marketing firms are already able to access a significant amount of data and insight on a company’s clients. Soon, marketing experts expect that companies will begin using this information to personalize their content and stand out from the competition. If done correctly, this could lead to much more effective content marketing strategies for businesses in a number of different industries, even as this advertising practice grows more popular and the web becomes saturated with content.

Improved Visuals Are On Their Way
In recent years, users have shown a clear interest in images, videos and graphics, and this trend shows no sign of stopping. Because visual content performs better than static text and is more conducive to brand storytelling, you can expect videos, infographics and more to grow more company and improve in quality over the course of the next year.

Mobile Content is Key
With Google’s recent algorithm changes placing a higher priority on mobile optimization, it should come as no surprise when many businesses add this feature to their website development checklists. However, with more and more users surfing the web with their mobile devices instead of their computers, many experts predict that businesses will focus on this aspect to stand out. As a result, you can expect content marketing strategies in 2015 to design content specifically for mobile and designate a considerable amount of their budget for this key factor.

How do you think content marketing strategies will change in the next few months? Share your theories and predictions in the comments below!

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