Don’t Cause a Fire, Use a New USB 20 Cable

Usb 3 cable

With only a two year lifespan for a smartphone, you’d think that the cords they come with would do the job. However, they might fray or become weak with use. Heavy use of smartphones cables can cause fraying, breaking, shorting or loss of charging in the cord. Using a usb 2.0 cable that provides a high quality connection can, not only help your phone get more out of its lifespan, but easily and effectively charge.

The high quality usb 2.0 cables that you choose to go with can charge a wide variety of items, not just smartphones. Cell phone cables that are made from a higher quality material can put less strain on your device. Made to hold up, and with a lifetime warranty; they were made to please every crowd that uses them. For instance, a CAT 5 cable that is constructed from top grade, high quality materials is expected to last anywhere from 5 to 10 years easily, if not more. This provides the user with a strong hold that will last for some time, but also ensure that the product you’re purchasing is made from quality.

More About the USB 2.0 Cables

Coming from our multiple distribution centers that are woman-owned and minority-filled, we strive to provide the highest in quality, while also reaching customer satisfaction. Through our usb 2.0 cable, you can be happy with the outcome. Save your phone’s battery by not frying it out with frequent charges. Not only that, but when using a damaged, frayed phone charger cable, it poses a fire risk. In 2008, electrical fires, failures and malfunctions all results in around 53,600 home fires in just one year. These fires caused over 500 deaths, 1,400 injured and $1.4 billion in property damage. So now might be the time to consider a new usb 2.0 cable for charging your smartphone safely and effectively.

Whether you’re trying to charge your phone, and get more life from it, setting up your own Network, sound system or other device or just want a surge protector to protect those devices, there are cords for you. USB 2.0 cables, and other cables such as HDMI or Siamese cables are also available. You’re able to hook up any device throughout your home, safely, efficiently and effectively using these high quality wires to your advantage.

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