Four Myths Many People Believe About Available Cloud Solutions

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Did you know that there are estimated to be approximately 50 million servers in the world? Cloud hosting technology is becoming increasingly integral to small and large business operations alike, and it’s more than just tech companies adopting.

Cloud technology allows users to store data, software and hardware in a remote location. This can both create easier access to these resources, while also allowing for greater flexibility — if your business grows and requires more server space, you don’t need to pay for expensive in-house upgrades. Instead, you can just change your current cloud computing plan.

Even though about $13 billion will have been spent by U.S. businesses on cloud technology by the end of 2014, some myths about how it works, and how it’s used, still persists. Here are four myths about cloud hosting services, and the truth behind them.

1. Businesses are Still in an Experimentation Phase With Cloud

A study conducted in partnership with the Everest group found that this was largely a misconception — not only are businesses placing significant investment in cloud, but about 58% of them are spending at least 10% of their budgets on the services. The majority of businesses have integrated cloud and are relying on it for daily operations.

2. Security is No Longer Concerning for Those Using Cloud

There are still some hurdles when it comes to ensuring great security with cloud. Cloud is not inherently risky but it can pay to have responsible cloud solution providers at the helm. This is especially important for organizations in the healthcare industry, which are affected by HIPAA privacy and security laws.

3. Cloud Computing Only Has Relevance for Technological Needs

The use of cloud technology stretches much further than just data management. According to the Everest study, “56% of enterprises consider cloud to be a strategic business differentiator that enables operational excellence and accelerated innovation.” As cloud integration becomes more common, advanced and differentiated uses of its interface will grow as well.

4. Cloud Computing is Not Yet Mainstream

Think cloud has yet to be seen as a “normal” tech option? Many recent headlines seem to suggest otherwise when it comes to cloud’s mainstream appeal. Cisco, a hardware industry giant, has recently announced its plans to spend $1 billion on the development and implementation of cloud technology. Amazon, Google, and other big name players are continually engaging in price wars in order to entice clients to invest in their technology.

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