HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging

Hipaa messaging

Various companies in the health care industry,such as health care clearing houses, medical service providers and other health related services that process transactions for patients are subject to the HIPAA Privacy Rule, which protects patient privacy. HIPAA is a law that was passed by congress to safeguard patient privacy. HIPAA stands for Healthcare Information and Portability Act. The HIPAA Privacy Rule was put place to set the standard for patient privacy for all kinds of medical care providers and businesses having anything to do with handling private patient health care information.

With the advent of more and more healthcare professionals using mobile devices to transmit patient info, certain HIPAA compliant apps have been developed. Today professionals employed in all kinds of medical fields are using text messaging to communicate with one another. HIPAA compliant text messaging is crucial for patient privacy. There are various kinds of healthcare apps that are also being used that are subject to HIPAA.

Medical mobile apps that provide HIPAA compliant text messaging are important because various kinds of threats to ePHI in a BYOD exist. For instance, a mobile device can be lost or disposed of improperly and then an unauthorized person could be able to intercept the transmission of ePHI, which electronically transferred patient health information. That is the main reason why HIPAA compliant text messaging is so important. In other words, a secure messaging service must also be used for HIPAA compliant text messaging. All workers and their families are protected by HIPAA Title 1, which covers them when they change or lose their jobs.

Mobile healthcare apps like Health 2.0 make it possible for electronic medical records and concepts such as telemedicine and HIPAA compliant text messaging. Doctors today can enjoy quicker access to patient information via HIPAA compliant text messaging. However, sending patient information via general text messaging is not safe and there is a very real danger of exposing patient information to others who are not entitled to the information being sent over a mobile device. Mobile texting has to be HIPAA compliant text messaging. There are messaging services that exist today that provide HIPAA compliant text messaging services. To see more, read this.

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