How Mental Health Billing Software Benefits Patients and Providers Alike

Behavioral health billing software companies

The mind has eluded human understanding for too much of our history; modern psychology and therapy has turned human thought into a science. While the field is still young, it has taken a pleasant turn from the barbaric practices of the 1950s and 60s. With advancements in mental health being published every year, millions of Americans are seeking treatment and understanding themselves in new ways.

Mental Health in Modernity

Nearly 20% of the United States population is diagnosed with or suffer from a mental illness, yet up to 15% of those who suffer from mental health issues do not seek treatment because they are unable to afford the high costs. Most insurance companies fail to cover these expenses, deeming them as unnecessary or lacking any medical benefit. In order to help accommodate their patients, up to 89% of providers offered patients the option of payment plans in 2012; unfortunately up to 83% of providers said it took over a month to collect from a patient after claim adjudication.

Behavioral Health Billing Software Companies

Providers that utilize professional mental health billing software have a way to offer patients treatment with a secure third-party system that handles payments digitally on the provider’s behalf. Switching to a professional billing company can help save over $9,000 per physician by cutting down on paperwork, errors, and staff requirements for traditional paper claims. E-claims are cheaper and up to 69% of electronic claims are processed within seven days; in comparison only 29% of paper claims are processed within a week. A study from 2012 found that up to 70% of providers utilized some form of electronic billing; that number has only continued to grow since then. Give your patients the convenience of professional billing solutions with the confidence that can only be provided by professional mental health billing software.

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