Three Reasons Why a Digital Camera is Better Than Your Phone Camera That You May Not Have Thought Of

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Almost every cell phone on today’s market has a camera built in. Many people rely on their phone’s camera to take all of their pictures and videos. Many people think a stand-alone camera is obsolete, but that has proven untrue. In 2014, 95 million cameras were sold. Although phone cameras have been increasing in quality over the years, a digital camera still rivals any phone camera. Here are three reasons why a stand-alone camera is a better option for your picture and video taking needs.

  1. Better Quality Photographs
    Your cell phone serves multiple purposes and there is only so much technology that a phone can fit in a small casing. Digital cameras have one purpose: to take photographs. Think of your phone as a jack of all trades and a master of none. A high quality digital camera is best for serving its sole purpose and delivery amazing, beautiful photography due to the wider lens, better ability to zoom and many different settings to fit the surroundings. If you wish to make a career of photography, buying a digital camera will be beneficial to your professional success. In the U.S., 136,300 people are employed as professional photographers and can attest to the precise control a digital camera offers to create the highest quality images.
  2. Saves Space and Battery on Your Phone
    You use your phone for everything: music, apps, movies and more. They all take up precious storage on your mobile device. The more you use your phone for pictures and videos, the less space you?ll have for other applications. If your phone is your only camera and you find yourself taking a lot of pictures, it may be a good idea to purchase a stand-alone camera. Digital cameras with removable memory cards allow you to take thousands of pictures and not worry about storage. The varying storage capacities on memory cards allow you to choose one that will fit your needs.
    Taking photographs and videos on your smartphone also drains the battery quickly. Say you?re at a concert, enjoying the show, snapping lots of pictures and video. When the show is over, your phone battery is dead and you can?t use your phone to call your friends or navigate home. Having a digital camera can save your phone battery for when you really need it!
  3. More Variety
    Simply put, stand alone cameras offer more variety. You don’t get a choice over the type of camera that your phone comes with. Depending on your needs, you can choose which digital camera is best for you. Will you need a simple point and shoot digital camera for daily picture taking? Do you need a higher quality camera with switchable lenses for professional use? Stopping into a specialty camera store will give you more information about digital cameras to find which fits your budget, lifestyle and desired photographic results.

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