How To Market Your Company Online

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Let’s say Jane is looking for an acupuncturist. She’s asked her friends, but the only answer she got was some guy who does acupuncture out of his garage. So where does Jane turn? The internet, of course. She’ll do a search and choose someone who shows up in the first few pages of results, and that will be that. Now meet Lou. Lou is one of the best acupuncturists in town, but his website didn’t show up until page ten of Jane’s internet search. Why are both Jane and Lou are missing out? Marketing. Here are some tips on how to market your company:

First of all, forget paying for one of those little internet ads that show up on your browser. You always ignore those and so will your customers. 85% of internet users don’t even notice those paid ads. Those ads are definitely not how to market your company, but they are a great way to waste money.

Secondly, you need quality website. Not just any do-it-yourself design will do. Because Google uses a rating system for design quality, beautifully designed websites tend to show up further up in their results. If you want to know how to market your company, you’ll need a custom website design with some great images. Web pages that contain images get 97% more views than sites that don’t. If you’re good with design and you know how to use the best website design software, then feel free to do it yourself. Lou the acupuncturist doesn’t, so he’ll need to research some website design agencies.

Thirdly, you’ll need SEO. That stands for Search Engine Optimization, and that means your website has lots of good quality content. One example is a blog, one that uses a lot of the right words. Did you know a blog can give a site 434% more indexed pages? It also increases links more than 97%! If you want to know more on how to market your company using SEO, then study up, add a blog to your site and keep up with it. But if you, like Lou and many other small businesses, don’t have time for that, then you’ll need to find a good SEO company to handle it for you.

Last of all, you need a social marketing. Email lists, social internet sites… this is the type of thing that keeps costumers connected to your business. Those emails can really be helpful since the people that regularly sign up for emails from companies spend 83% more on products than those who don’t sign up for emails. A social marketing firm could help you.

But if you’re like Lou and you’re not looking to hire three different agencies with three different specialities to help you with how to market your company, then you’ll need to find one agency that does all three. But remember, a good website, SEO, and social marketing are all important, so make sure you find an agency that can do all three.

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