Why Haven’t You Switched Your Business to a Cloud Business Phone System?

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Did you know, according to Forbes, American businesses will spend $13 billion on cloud computing solutions by the end of 2014? It’s easy to think that all of that spending will go towards increasing security against ever more aggressive cybercriminals and hosting more reliable websites, especially when you consider the former costs Americans $110 billion a year and the latter earns American businesses $262.3 billion a year. However, one of the most popular services offered by the best cloud computing businesses is cloud business phone service. Here’s why.

How Cloud Business Phones Can Revolutionize Your Company

  1. Minuscule or Non-Existent Installation Fees
  2. With other phone systems, installation comes with the exorbitant costs of hardware, installation fees, and more. However, according to statistics from Visual.ly, many of the best cloud business phone systems come with extremely low or non-existent installation fees. Try finding a traditional PBX service that offers a $0 installation rate.

  3. Drastically Reduced Usage Cost
  4. Of course, savings afforded companies by cloud business phones don’t stop with the installation. As About.com writes, cloud-based phone systems also come with drastically reduced usage fees. In fact, using a cloud-based system can yield savings of 40% on domestic calls and up to 90% on international calls! Imagine the impact that can have on your monthly budget!

  5. Increased Communications Between Offices
  6. In the past, each business branch needed to have a separate phone line. Not only was this extremely expensive, it was also inconvenient, as you couldn’t simply transfer calls from branch to branch. A single cloud business phone system, as Franchising.com points out, can be set up for all branches in your business, simplifying your accounting with a single bill, improving interoffice communications, and saving your franchise money overall.

  7. Enterprise Functionality on an SMB Budget
  8. For SmallBizTrends.com, one of the biggest benefits of using a cloud business phone system is being able to access all of the capabilities granted to huge corporations without having to spend a lot of money. Call logs, conference logging, and much more can be yours for an affordable monthly payment when you use a cloud-based system.

  9. Huge Call Volume Capacity
  10. With traditional land-lines, one of the biggest costs is expanding your call capacity to handle your ever-increasing call volume. Cloud-based systems, on the other hand, can handle up to 64 calls simultaneously, according to Tech Target. That’s many times what even the best traditional PBX providers can offer.

While cloud-based services are important for increasing cyber-security and eCommerce revenue, more and more businesses are finding it’s just as important to maintain a modern, high-quality phone service. Cloud business phone systems, as you can see, offer that modernity and quality in spades. More on this topic: Los angeles business phone system

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