Ten Steps to Protect Your Child from the World Wide Web

Internet tracking

Internet and social media monitoring for kids is more important than ever. Your child’s safety online is crucial with booming internet use across the globe. Luckily there is plenty of resources at our disposal to keep a watchful eye on our children today.

10 internet safety tips for children
1.Internet content filtering
Setting safe search filtering on your home browser is the first step in protecting what your children see online.
2. Implement child monitoring software
There is software now available allowing you to conduct step by step, page by page monitoring. There are even solutions letting you monitor internet activity remotely in real time from a different computer.

3. Internet tracking
Monitoring children’s internet browser history on computers, smartphones and tablets allows you to keep in tune with what your child is doing online regularly. This allows you to prepare yourself for discussion about their internet activity.

4. Monitor their social media
Social media monitoring for kids allows parents to protect kids on social media. Not only is monitoring their picture posts and wall conversations crucial, many social media allows you to take a proactive approach to protecting activity. Setting privacy setting so only friends and family can observe their activity is very useful.

5. Restriction software
There is software available not only to monitor your child’s internet habits, but you can also be proactive with router restrictions. Programs now allow software filters streaming directly from routers. Any device connected to a protected router will not be able to visit restricted websites. These can also be managed using time schedules.

6.Centralize computer location
Putting a desktop in the kitchen or family room is always a wise move when you want to keep an eye on what your child is up to online.

7.Set an example
If your child sees you are always connected to your smartphone, constantly checking your Facebook or updating your Twitter, they will see this behavior as the norm. But if you use social media in moderation, your child will be more likely to follow suit and social media habits shouldn’t be as much of an issue.

8. Confiscate cell phone, tablets and laptops after hours
If your child brings their smartphone, tablet or laptop up to bed with them, then all your monitoring efforts go right out the window.

9. Teach your child the concept of internet reputation
Once you or your child post something on the internet for the world to see, it could be available to the public forever. This could harm their reputation years down the road and well into adulthood.

10. Talk to them
Talking to your child and setting ground rules is something they will respect.

The internet is a dangerous place. Millions of people from around the world are on the internet at any given time. Internet restriction and social media monitoring for kids is important to their well being and safety for years to come. See this link for more.

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