Three Common Misconceptions About SEO

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In today’s modern world, marketing your company now clearly and obviously means hiring an SEO company to help you improve your website, boost your search engine rankings, and convert website visitors to paying customers. However, in spite of this, many people seem confused about how to market a company through SEO. And even when all of the technical terms, from SERP to keywords, have been explained, many people seem to have formed a number of misconceptions about how SEO works and what it is intended to do. Here are a few of the most common misunderstandings have about hiring an SEO company.

Search Engine Rankings Are Your Most Important Priority
While research shows that it is important for companies to be listed on the first page of a Google search result, a high ranking is worth nothing to your business if your website won’t convince a user to use your services. For this reason, try to avoid SEO marketing agencies that talk simply about improving your search rankings, and look for the ones that want to discuss conversions, leads, sales and overall profit. A good ranking should work with a number of other strategies, including website quality, to lead to these other factors, instead of being the end goal.

Ranking For Top Keywords Is Key to SEO Success
While it might seem logical to target general keywords that will direct as many users as possible to your site, these are also the keywords that all of your competitors are going after, making it much more difficult for your website to rank. Moreover, once you conduct some research, you may realize that these top keywords actually rank for a relatively small amount of your traffic and conversions. Meanwhile, long tail keywords that fall into users’ natural search patterns might be exactly what you need to attract paying customers. Before hiring an SEO agency, make sure you discuss keyword research with them for this reason.

You Want As Many Links As Possible
While the best SEO agencies have long prioritized quality over quantity when it comes to inbound links, a new update to Google’s search algorithm has made too many links more of a threat than ever before: called Penguin 3.0, this update puts significant weight on the relevancy and quality of a website’s links to decide if it is a high quality site or spam. To prevent a fall in rankings or a penalty from Google, websites should make sure any links to their site are relevant and high quality, and disavow any suspicious ones.

SEO is a confusing, constantly changing industry: what worked a few years ago likely won’t work now, and it can be difficult for people outside of this environment to keep track of these shifts. Fortunately, in spite of the many misconceptions this rate of innovation causes people to form, hiring an SEO company can still be an extremely beneficial choice for many businesses. Approach this transaction with realistic expectations and a desire to learn, and you and your business will be fine.
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