Three Considerations You Should Make in Your Water Storage Tank Design

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Are you researching above ground water storage tank designs? You might need a special water tank because you live too far off the grid to plug into a municipal water system. You might need an above ground water tank for manufacturing or industrial needs. Or maybe you have a commercial application for your above ground water take. Regardless of the purpose you have for your water tank, and whether your water needs require custom made storage tanks, or out-of-the-box bolted storage tanks meet your requirements, it is very important to research your above ground water storage tank design, to ensure that all of your needs are going to be met. You definitely don’t want to learn after you’ve made the investment and gone through the installation process that you don’t have the right above ground water storage tank design for your set up.

To help ensure that the above ground water storage tanks you end up with is right for your area and your needs, we’ve put together a checklist of factors you need to consider:

Three Considerations You Should Make While Choosing an Above Ground Water Storage Tank Design

  1. Quality > Cost

    Your water tank has one job: to hold water. Maybe it needs to hold water for you to drink with, cook with, and shower with. Maybe it holds grey water that will be used for agricultural purposes. Maybe it will be used for holding wastewater. Maybe your needs are for fire fighting water storage tanks. All of these purposes (and that of any other reason you need a water storage tank) has one thing in common. It needs to consistently hold the water with zero spills or leaks or defects. If your water tank fails it its one job, it could cost you huge dollars in repairs, environmental infraction fines, or even having to replace your water tank altogether.

    With this in mind, you understand why it doesn’t make sense to save a few dollar upfront while designing your water tank, only to have to pay out the nose because your cheaply-constructed water doesn’t do its one job.

    We aren’t saying that the highest estimate that you get is the best option. What we’re saying is that if you get a really low estimate from a water tank supplier, there might be a reason for it. Cheap water takes usually involve cheap materials that don’t stand the test of time. Instead of using the cost as a decision factor at all, you should understand what the cost includes, and choose quality. Always choose quality over discounts!

  2. Understand What Your Unique Water Tank Needs Are

    Water tanks come in all shapes and sizes. Some are meant to hold waste water, in which case their greatest need is to keep the contents contained. Some are made to hold potable water, in which the greatest priority is to keep contaminants out. Sometimes your water tank needs are determined by environmental protection agencies on a state or federal level.

    Either way, you’ll get the best results with your water tank design if you know what your requirements are up front, and then design the tank to meet those specific needs. Consider the size and shape you need for your water tank. Consider if the purpose you have for your water tank requires a special membrane that can release the gas produced by the contents (waste water) without spilling the liquid itself. Take into account any government regulations you need to abide by. Understanding these needs up front will ensure you get the best water tank design.

  3. Think About Your Foundation

    If you have an above ground water tank, it is not going to float in the air. In addition to choosing the right tank itself, you’ll need to consider how the tank will sit on the ground. In some cases, you can get away with putting your water tank directly on the Earth itself, if it is level enough. In some cases, you’ll need to bolt your tank to a foundation of some sort. The way the water storage tank sits on the ground will have a big impact on the installation of it, the cost, and the needs.

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