The Top Benefits Of Using IT Racks

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The cloud has become a regular part of our daily lives. It’s a great way to store a vast amount of information and records, and its backup system means that once something is on the cloud, it becomes very difficult to permanent lose. Of course, there are drawbacks to this aspect, as many people who’ve incorrectly used the cloud have discovered. But ultimately, IT experts agree that we are better off with the cloud than without it. The issue isn’t so much with the cloud, anyway, as it is with the improper usage or the cloud or equipment failures. Even if you don’t use the cloud in your personal life, you will most likely use it in your professional life at one point or another, with 82% of businesses reporting that they saved money by moving to the cloud. For that matter, 14% of companies reported being able to downsize their IT services after adopting the cloud. But as we become more and more dependent on the cloud, the risks associated with technology failure become greater. An important part of IT is the rack — electronics racks are used to support servers and ensure their physical safety. If your serves fail, you risk losing the information you’ve stored. Cyber security can also be at risk when servers malfunction. Below, we’ll explore the benefits of using IT racks, and what exactly is at risk when your servers are damaged.

The Benefits Of Using IT Racks

Undeniably, there are multiple benefits of using IT racks. Your servers are perhaps the most important parts of your network system, and the best way to get the most out of your severs is by using IT racks, sometimes referred to as server racks. These racks are the best ways of physically mounting your server systems, and in general make using your servers much easier. One of the main benefits of using IT racks is that they increase the performance level that your servers provide. An issue with servers is that they can typically overheat very quickly, becoming hazardous and performing poorly. The best way to avoid this is to use IT racks. IT racks increase the airflow around servers, and keep them cool. They can also be customized to better fit your specific servers. These racks can also use lock panels that ensure that people will not be able to access or tamper with your servers. They also make moving your servers easier for you, as they can slide and often are mounted on wheels. Server racks make your servers easier to reach, and therefore easier to keep organized.

The Dangers Of Using Servers Without IT Racks

There are many issues associated with using servers without racks. For example, about 65% of IT equipment failures are associated with inadequate, poorly maintained, or failed air conditioning systems in the server room. Now, you can’t always guarantee that your air conditioning will work as it should. Therefore, you should better enhance the airflow surrounding your servers through IT racks. For that matter, racks ensure that your data systems will be kept clean as well. Contaminants like dust can be hazardous for your servers, causing them to malfunction or lag in performance. As mentioned above, using servers without racks also increases your risk of having a security breach. Of course, while server racks are crucial to the performance of your servers, there are other means through which you can increase your servers’ safety and performance.

Using Hot Or Cold Aisle Containment Systems Along With IT Racks

Hot or cold aisle containment systems can be used in conjunction with IT racks to keep your servers at their proper temperatures. They also reduce energy use, and are presently used by about 80% of data centers. At the end of the day, you want to use whatever amount of systems is necessary to keep your servers running properly. A server malfunction is not something that any data center should risk.

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